Unlike other eye masks and sleep masks, the self Heated Eye Mask is not only designed for sleeping, but mian for a revitalised feeling that can be used to wind down before bed. The masks are individually packaged by foil pouch and can be discreetly stored in your handbag or hand luggage while travelling. The eye masks are disposable after one use, with no need to be kept in the fridge or warmed up before use. The Self Heated Eye Mask also comes in many flavor scent to unlock the perfect relaxing aroma as you wind down. Learn more details.

In the Technology age, most of us are guilty of spending long hours staring at a computer or mobile phone screens. We work and study and travel longer hours and get fewer hours sleep than generations before us. All of these factors can leave our eyes in need of some revitalising. When you work overtime, busy with studies, so too do your eyes and it’s important to help them relax to keep them looking and feeling re-energised. The Steam Warming Eye Mask will be the best companion on your next long commute or before you go to bed.

Broad market prospects of the self heated eye mask, suitable for various consumer groups, students, office workers, travel, insomnia, hotels, eye care, SPA and other groups and more other industries.
We provide high-quality customized production and delivery services of self heated eye masks, and the best solutions to help your sales growth! Know more details of solutions.

How the customized process works?

Design packaging

Eye mask pattern design
Aluminum foil pouch design
Outer box design
Flat print each design, finalize after multiple confirmations

Factory and suppliers production

The printing supplier customizes the production of patterned non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil pouches, boxes according to customer's desgin files.
Our factory produces heating pads and conducts screening inspections.

Final production and packaging

Check and accept the pattern cloth, pouches and boxes from the printing suppliers.
Final production and sampling of self-heating eye masks. Final packaging after qualified.

Logistics and Delivery

Arrange logistics methods according to the customer's instructions, such as sea, air, and express.
Door-to-door delivery according to customer instructions

Why to choose us?

Worried about product quality?
Worried about our customer service?
Worried about consumer complaints?

Complete certificates: CE,FDA,REACH,ISO13485,BSCI

Strong product development team, quality team, sales and after-sales team to serve you together

One-to-one follow-up service throughout the whole process, to achieve timely response within 7 hours

QC control,Video feedback,COA report,Sampling report,Production report,etc.

Perfect customer complaint response service, 24-hour solution response mechanism
  • The most comprehensive certificate and quality system
  • Best Supplier Adwards heated eye mask

Variety design


Advantages compared to traditional eye masks

The advantages of traditional eye masks can be used many times, but they are expensive. With shading function, more advanced ones can increase USB heating, or ice compress and heat compress function, the use effect is not obvious. It needs to be cleaned and disinfected after use. Inconvenient to carry. The market is very competitive, with many mid-, high- and low-end brands. No more advantages can be compared. The repeat purchase rate of consumers is low. Focus on groups such as insomnia.

The self heated eye mask is a disposable eye mask, which has the functions of shading, hot compress and so on. It is easy to carry around and can be thrown away when used up. The market has a large competitive advantage, and there are not too many high-end and low-end brands. The steam eye mask can really release steam to accelerate the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes. It is generally suitable for beauty, holiday hotels, SPA, boutiques, ophthalmology and other industries. It is widely applicable to students, office workers, insomniacs, fashion beauty professionals, etc. The repeat purchase rate of consumers is high.

More functions and advantages

Relax and Destress
Self Heayed Eye Mask allows you to give your eyes a rest from daily strain anytime anywhere. Relieve eye fatigue within 30 minutes.
Relieve Digital Eye Strain
Designed to relieve digital eye strain induced by computer & mobile screens.
Night Time Routine
Prepare your eyes and mind for a good night's sleep. Works great paired with your favorite essential oils and aromatherapy.
Reduce Eye Puffiness
Uses even warmth distribution to help minimize eye puffiness & dark circles.
Travel Friendly
Compact in size & easy to use. Eye mask fits snugly in your purse, travel pouch or toiletry kit. Great for work, home or on-the-go.

Frequently asked questions

1What is the self heated eye mask?
Self Heated Eye Mask is the start of a new custom whereby modern people can warm their over-used eyes in order to feel relaxed and ease such stress!!! It generates a moderate amount of steam with a temperature of approximately 40 degrees, Celsius to steadily and deeply warm the eyes and ease tension in surrounding muscles. It’s comforting warmth wraps around the eyes and surrounding area for 20 to 30 minutes, releasing the user from tension built-up throughout the day. The eye mask is single use. It is convenient to use. You can just take it off and throw it away after use. No rinsing is required.
2What the product differences between different steam heated eye mask manufacturers?
With the hot market, many factories and small workshops have joined the industry of producing steam heated eye masks.
However, the external quality and internal quality of the steam eye mask determine the price.
With the intensification of market competition and the emergence of low prices, many unscrupulous factories use the qualifications and certifications of other factories to obtain customers and sell steam eye masks at low prices.
But the price of large factories is much higher than other factories. These factories have invested several years of time, research and development funds and obtained various certifications to ensure that the eye masks are constant temperature and lasting, and the data of the eye masks meet the standards, regardless of the validity period, heating time, temperature difference, and material selection. It takes time to arrive at the most accurate formula, and we strive for perfection to continuously improve the high standards of product materials. Therefore, high-quality eye masks can have a validity period of 3 years, and the heating time, constant temperature time, and raw material medical standards are all industry-leading. This determines that product prices cannot be low. It also makes these factories serve various types of well-known brands.
Pls Note :This eye mask is classified as a medical device in the EU and North America, but in China this product is defined as a daily product, so the production standards of most of the factory's products cannot meet the Medical standards.
3Are they safe to use during pregnancy?
Yes, they’re perfect for new mums and parents, suffering from disturbed sleep patterns. The self-heating technology and scents used are all safe.
Nothing is absorbed into the body.
4Are they suitable for overnight stays?
Our Eye Masks deliver a multi-sensory experience. Unlike many other heated masks, they can be worn all night as a blackout mask. Use whenever you need to relax, meditate, drift off to sleep, or if your sleep has been disturbed and you need to fall back to sleep.
5How should recycle the heated eye mask?
The box, sachet and string of your eye mask are environmentally friendly and can all be widely recycled.
Please note that while the eye mask itself can not currently be recycled because of the self-heating technology it contains, your mask can be retained and used as a blackout mask whenever you wish to simply block out light.
Our masks are a hygienic alternative to the traditional style lavender filled masks used in many therapeutic sessions and are supplied in a sealed packet, perfect for client treatments.
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Custom steam eye masks can’t be so random

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