Custom steam eye masks can’t be so random

Note: Custom steam heated eye masks can't be so random

With the acceleration of the global market, steam eye mask have spread from China to the UK. As the first country to widely accept steam eye mask, the UK is the first country to widely accept steam eye mask. Thanks to the full promotion of SAPCEMASK's first brand, the latter competitors Can directly carve up its British market. As the first British brand, let's analyze its criteria for choosing a factory for custom-made steam eye masks.
As the market for steam heated eye masks continues to be hot, the problems continue.

Therefore, the following content must be clarified when choosing a steam heated eye mask factory when you need to customize and private LOGO!

First of all, the steam heated eye mask is a daily necessities in China, and the supervision is relatively loose. However, in European and American countries, this product belongs to the first and second categories of medical supplies. Because of its product characteristics, it is used on the eyes, which determines the high standard selection of its product quality. This requires that when choosing a Chinese factory, it is necessary to choose a factory with complete qualifications and comply with the ISO13485 standard, so as to meet the conditions for the production of medical products.

Secondly, since it is a medical product, the selection of its raw materials must meet medical standards. The components of its steam heated eye mask, non-woven fabrics and spunlace fabrics must use medical-grade standards, rather than non-woven fabrics that are only used by Chinese mainland brands according to the standards of daily necessities, which determines that the price cannot be too low.

Once again, the heating principle of the steam eye mask requires the brand to understand the heating technology of a steam eye mask. There are several manufacturers of steam eye masks in China at the beginning, and these companies have sufficient technical teams and funds for constant temperature heating technology. After the improvement, the steam eye mask was launched. However, with the hot market, there are at least hundreds of steam eye mask factories in China, 95% of which do not have related technology, and can only manufacture steam eye masks according to the heating principle of warm paste. , The iron powder used is inferior iron powder, and the bags used are not suitable for airtight storage of heat-generating products, constantly reducing costs to attract customers, thereby disrupting the market. Therefore, the samples of the steam goggles need to be carefully tested, and the samples should not be less than 20 pieces, and the whole process of the bag and the sample should be tested. Most of these types of enterprises are small workshops without any heating technology.

However, according to the above principles, it is only the most basic criteria to select factories. It is not possible to choose a good factory. Maybe the unit price is very good, but there are many problems after consumers use it. Consumers will not repurchase, then your brand will not be established. This is the reason why SAPCEMASK has continued to sell well since its establishment, and why other British brands continue to copy its design concept!


Below we discuss additional reasons why SPACEMASKS chose the factory's plant:
1.  After using the SPACEMASKS steam heated eye mask, we can find that its non-woven fabric and needle-punched cotton are of good quality, its comfort and density are much higher than other brands such as hotsteam, the back of the hand feels better and the skin around the eyes feels better, which is why More skin-friendly and comfortable than other brands of steam eye masks on the market.
2.  The effect of constant temperature is better. After it heats up, it quickly reaches the temperature suitable for eye mask care, and there is no obvious abnormal temperature change. The eye mask heating piece does not have any swelling phenomenon. (Interestingly, a small local brand in the United States actually told consumers that it is normal to increase the package, which is irresponsible to consumers' eyes.)
3. We can find that the airtightness of the bag packaging is particularly high, not ordinary plastic bags, etc. This is an aluminum-plastic composite bag, which can better preserve the steam eye mask without any abnormality! On the bag we found that the shelf life was 3 years, but we found many were only marked two years. This is for the brand side, it is more assured to sell with a longer shelf life, instead of rushing to sell at a low price because of the shortened shelf life! (The size of the shelf life is determined by the technology and production process of the product, so 99% of Chinese factories cannot guarantee it, nor can they produce an aging test report)
4.  The novel packaging design of steam eye masks and the continuous updating of products. With the continuous improvement of consumers' recognition of steam eye masks, various brands of eye masks have appeared in the United States, Australia, Canada and more European countries. The styling hasn't changed much. SPACEMASK leads the fashion of elastic cord earband design, so in Europe and the United States, elastic cord earbands are more popular, rather than elastic cloth earbands in mainland China.
At present, as the earliest factory in China to produce steam eye masks, we provide two types of earbands, and provide eye masks with various shapes. The heating sheet is more advanced, from square to round, and thin sheet technology.
5.  The factories used by SPACEMASKS conform to ISO13485, more conform to CE FDA and other requirements such as BSCI, social responsibility standards, Medical-grade test reports can be issued for all raw materials, and aging test reports can also be issued.


The above determines the height of the brand, so it is not possible to choose a factory with a low price in order to compete for the price. It has no technology and cannot guarantee the quality. The certificates used are all stolen. (It is very interesting that the steam goggles in many factories will have a decrease in heat after one year of production, the temperature is not high, the heat is unstable, and the fragrance disappears, which disappoints consumers and the brand cannot develop)

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